Are you a food pun fan? Do you like quirky tees, tanks, and mugs that serve a purpose? This is my super power.

It all started in a popular chain clothing store (which shall remain nameless). One of their summer tees said, “breakfast, lunch, dinner” with cliche images of a doughnut, a slice of pizza, and a taco. My first instinct was, “this is neither cute, nor funny”. It’s not that I don’t eat these foods myself now and then, I just didn’t get the humor in  encouraging 3 meals of processed food. I love foody shirts, but if I were to wear one, what would it be?

The more I thought about it, the more I thought about various puns that had run through my head throughout my life. I wanted something I’d be comfortable wearing around my teenage girls and that others would not find offensive. My point in making and wearing them was to start a fun conversation about food. With all the fad diets and food shaming, I wanted people to feel “lighter” when they wore them. I worked with a few graphic designers for the images and the puns are straight out of my head. We came up with Lettuce Beet Hunger as the shop name.

Lettuce Beet Hunger is meant to “take a bite” out of food insecurity. A portion of each purchase supports those with food insecurity by providing counseling, programs and nutrition education in the Cincinnati area. The food puns are original ideas and designed to be silly and simple.

How you make a difference: When you wear, give or share a food pun shirt or swag, you support my mission and spread awareness of food insecurity in our community. Tee shirts and cards are available at the Civic Garden Center Gift shop, Kennedy Heights Arts Center gift shop, Morsel & Nosh in Northside and online. Look for Sound Bites Nutrition at various farmers markets and festivals like Earth Day, too. 

As several items are print on demand, shipment has been delayed due to COVID19. Delivery may take up to 2-3 weeks after order. I appreciate your patience.


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