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I’ve paired my love of food, science and people by becoming a Registered Dietitian. My nickname Nutrigirl started about 20 years ago when I needed an email account. Having a painfully long, Italian last name didn’t lend well to an email address, and so Nutrigirl was born. I’d be lying if I said I am “mild mannered”. Outgoing by nature, my friends and clients know I’m not going to sugar coat my nutrition advice. With so much food and health information out there (good and bad), Nutrigirl is your nutrition hero. I’m here to provide sound, nutrition advice, while making sure you are enjoying your food! When I like a health article, recipe or nutrition-related advice, I will stamp it #Nutrigirlapproved.


We knew after adopting Snickers in July, 2014 that she was no ordinary kitty. She is a tortoise cat and has “tortitude”. Snickers is a true foody and always in the kitchen at meal time. Despite her candy bar name, Snickers literally reaches for kale, spinach and broccoli when we’re prepping it. Snickers likes a challenge and will seek hydration from the sink, toilet or your water glass. If she likes what you’re making (or eating), she’ll give you the “high paw” and you know your recipe is #Snickersapproved.

The thrill of the grill!

Its Memorial Day weekend! The official “kids are out of school”, start of summer. In addition to enjoying the tasty vittles at the Taste of Cincinnati, you may be planning a cook-out with friends or family. And by the looks of the Kroger parking lot, my... read more

Baked Pears with Pistachios and Cinnamon

I’m a simple gal with simple taste. I also hate to waste food. My husband and I joke that I inherited frugality from my depression-era parents that never threw anything out. Our running joke is a quote from my mother. “It’s still good!” While I had great intentions of... read more

FDA Updates the Food Label!

While you were out having fun this weekend, the FDA announced it has agreed to update the Nutrition Facts Panel on packaged food. This is big news for nutrition geeks like me, as well as consumers. The food label has taken flack in the past for being too vague, or too... read more

How to pick the tastiest fruit!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year! No, not Christmas. Strawberry season! Since I was a kid, I have loved the crimson red, heart shaped beauties. Part of that adoration was knowing that berries were only around in late spring and summer. Growing up in the... read more

5 Weight Loss Mistakes

If we all knew how to lose weight appropriately (AND keep it off), we wouldn’t have an obesity epidemic in this country. I see lots of clients for weight loss and my most successful are the ones that avoid the 5 biggest mistakes below: 1. Eating too few calories... read more

Simple Salmon

Now that the weather is (fingers crossed) warming up, there’s no excuse not to fire up the grill and cook you some fish. While high in fat, salmon is one of the most nutritious fishes on the planet. It’s an excellent source of protein and anti-inflammatory... read more

Quinoa Tabouli

If you haven’t read my blog before, you’ll soon discover that I am a big fan of Mediterranean cuisine. I love savory dishes with hearty grains, fresh veggies, herbs and minimal ingredients. I had some leftover mint recently from a demo and figured I could... read more

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

It’s an unseasonably cool Cinco de Mayo in Cincinnati, which means- Nutrigirl wants some Mexican comfort food! This is one of the easiest (and healthiest) Mexican dishes you’ll find. Boasting almost 17 grams of protein and 10 grams of fiber, it’s not... read more

Baring it all- Bowel prep 101

Having worked in a hospital a good part of my career, I knew exactly what a clear liquid diet was. It’s a diet that allows only clear liquids- black coffee or tea, apple juice, jello, popsicles and broth. It is a short term diet used preoperatively for patients having... read more


A Taste of Honey I’m a little late with this, but in honor of Earth Day, I want to celebrate the humble honey bee!  My web designer extraordinaire, Julie Bolton, also happens to be a bee keeper and owner of and blog  Below is... read more

Give your immune system a boost!

I had the opportunity this morning to talk about nutrition during breast cancer treatment of Fox 19 today, but honestly, these tips can (and should) be used to keep your body healthy all the time. Thank you to Trader Joes in Kenwood for sponsoring my food for this... read more

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