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I’ve paired my love of food, science and people by becoming a Registered Dietitian. My nickname Nutrigirl started about 20 years ago when I needed an email account. Having a painfully long, Italian last name didn’t lend well to an email address, and so Nutrigirl was born. I’d be lying if I said I am “mild mannered”. Outgoing by nature, my friends and clients know I’m not going to sugar coat my nutrition advice. With so much food and health information out there (good and bad), Nutrigirl is your nutrition hero. I’m here to provide sound, nutrition advice, while making sure you are enjoying your food! When I like a health article, recipe or nutrition-related advice, I will stamp it #Nutrigirlapproved.


We knew after adopting Snickers in July, 2014 that she was no ordinary kitty. She is a tortoise cat and has “tortitude”. Snickers is a true foody and always in the kitchen at meal time. Despite her candy bar name, Snickers literally reaches for kale, spinach and broccoli when we’re prepping it. Snickers likes a challenge and will seek hydration from the sink, toilet or your water glass. If she likes what you’re making (or eating), she’ll give you the “high paw” and you know your recipe is #Snickersapproved.

Chocolate Chip Almond Cookies

Truth be told, I have 3 dietary ‘vices’. They are the 3 C’s- coffee, cheese and chocolate and I must consume at least a little of each on a daily basis for my happiness. I really don’t feel too guilty about enjoying these, to be perfectly...

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Ginger Cinnamon Breakfast Quinoa

I love Saturday mornings. I am usually the first one up, which means I have complete rule of the kitchen. After a few cups of coffee (with a little milk for taste and calcium), I like to raid the pantry and start cooking. I tend to have a lot of quinoa on hand from...

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Meal Planning Tips

I often get requests to help people plan meals, which is something most people dread. The difficult part for most is making a list of recipes and finding the time to get to the grocery store. For me, the tricky part is finding or developing recipes that most people...

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Cholesterol 101

Confused about cholesterol? First off, you should know that dietary cholesterol is ONLY found in animal foods. Cholesterol is made in the liver, meaning cows, chickens, pigs, etc. While those chips you’re chowing on are “cholesterol free”, that just...

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Low FODMAPS Diet for IBS

It seems as though the number of people complaining of (and being diagnosed with) IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome) has gone up. IBS is a condition of the large intestine (colon) that may cause pain, bloating, gas, constipation and/or diarrhea. And while IBS does not...

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Vacation Rice

Are you like me? Do you wonder why restaurants insist on serving burgers, salads and other dishes with a stack of red onions? Don’t get me wrong. They look beautiful on the plate, but I’ve yet to see anyone (especially members of my family) eat more than...

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Culinary Camp for Kids #nokidhungry

Many times in our lives, we are asked to roll up our sleeves and pitch in our time and talents. It’s what makes the world go round. Some people have artistic or musical talent. I have neither. Beyond coloring, I would not consider myself artistic. While I love...

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5 Reasons to Pick Blueberries!

Anthocyanins. I dare you to say that word 5 times fast. You can certainly impress friends at your next party with anthocyanins. These are plant flavonoids that gives blueberries (and other deep red and purple fruits and veggies like cranberries and cabbage) their...

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