One of my favorite things to do is network and collaborate with other dietitians. While we all obtain a similar degree in nutrition and love to ‘mince words’ about food and recipes, we each bring something unique to the table, so to speak. It’s always fun when someone gets your humor and wants to participate in food-related giveaways.

This week I’m collaborating with Dana Angelo White, a talented sports dietitian and cookbook writer from Fairfield Connecticut. Dana has written 7 (yes SEVEN) different cookbooks and her latest is the Health Vegan Air Fryer Cookbook https://danawhitenutrition.com/product/healthy-vegan-air-fryer-cookbook/

If you don’t have an air fryer, perhaps this will inspire you to get one?

Go to Instagram and follow me @nutrigirl66 and Dana at Dana_Angelo_White Like the post and tag a friend. US residents only. Tee available in small through XL. Contest ends Thursday, September 24. You’ve got nothing to lose!

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