You know you’re a nerd when you’re looking forward to standing outside for 5 hours in the heat to sell T shirts. I never thought I’d enjoy giving up a weekend day to do a tent show, but I have drunk the kool-aid. I don’t exactly feel like an “artist” at these shows. I really don’t have artistic talent. Words are my muse. Nonetheless, I get a charge when I meet people that get my humor and buy my food pun shirts.

Part of my reason for selling shirts is to raise money for food insecurity. I am very concerned about those in Cincinnati that go hungry and don’t have access to nutritious foods on a regular basis. I am donating 10% of sales to Produce Perks- a program that helps low income individuals purchase twice as much produce at Farmer’s markets and Healthy Harvest Mobile markets around the city. For more information, check out the link:

If you’re downtown this weekend, come and visit me! I’ll have my new “Happy Guactober” and “This. Is. The. Wurst” available- just in time for Oktoberfest! For more styles, sizes and designs, check out my shop page:

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