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Sound Bites empowers individuals and groups to take charge of their health through balanced nutrition. Lisa Andrews, a seasoned dietitian, transforms overwhelming scientific nutrition information into consumer friendly, easy to follow “sound bites”.

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Group Nutrition Lectures & Cooking Demos

Let Lisa improve the health and well-being of your staff!

Individual Diet Counseling

Individual Diet Counseling

Let a Registered Dietitian give you the tools to make the right food choices.

Brand Spokesperson and Media Rep

Lisa combines her health and nutrition knowledge with key product messages to help improve sales and increase product loyalty.

Lisa Andrews is Nutrigirl!

I’ve paired my love of food, science and people by becoming a Registered Dietitian. My nickname Nutrigirl started about 20 years ago when I needed an email account. Having a painfully long, Italian last name didn’t lend well to an email address, and so Nutrigirl was born. I’d be lying if I said I am “mild mannered”. Outgoing by nature, my friends and clients know I’m not going to sugar coat my nutrition advice. With so much food and health information out there (good and bad), Nutrigirl is your nutrition hero. I’m here to provide sound, nutrition advice, while making sure you are enjoying your food! When I like a health article, recipe or nutrition-related advice, I will stamp it #Nutrigirlapproved.


We knew after adopting Snickers in July, 2014 that she was no ordinary kitty. She is a tortoise cat and has “tortitude”. Snickers is a true foody and always in the kitchen at meal time. Despite her candy bar name, Snickers literally reaches for kale, spinach and broccoli when we’re prepping it. Snickers likes a challenge and will seek hydration from the sink, toilet or your water glass. If she likes what you’re making (or eating), she’ll give you the “high paw” and you know your recipe is #Snickersapproved.



Lisa Andrews helped our company administer a “Biggest Loser” weight loss competition. Several employees lost almost 20% of their body weight! She provided healthy recipes, coupons, and met with employees to discuss their individual needs. Lisa’s wealth of nutrition knowledge helped many of our employees change their lifestyle and improve their overall health. We loved working with her and would definitely make use of her expertise in the future!

- Nancy Myles, PHR, SHRM-CP-Human Resource Manager, Kadant Black Clawson




Lisa Andrews spoke at our manufacturing facility several times as part of our Wellness Program. Lisa was able to present nutrition in an easy to understand manner and gave great tips for easily packing a nutritious lunch and getting through the holidays without going overboard. Our employees greatly enjoyed Lisa’s presentations.

- Mary Kay Swadener, SPHR, SHRM-SCP
Human Resource Manager



Lisa was wonderful to work with! She was thoughtful in her approach and shared her expertise around nutrition in an accessible and approachable way. She helped us create the curriculum and recipes for a pilot program, Culinary Camp. Her work strengthened the program and inspired kids to learn about cooking and make healthier choices.

- Michelle Stawicki, Design Impact, Social Innovation Specialist



I had Lisa speak to a group of company president’s and she kept it light while giving us great information. With so many strategies out there for diet and nutrition, she was able to make it concise and clear. She was well prepared for all of our Q&A. I recommend Lisa for your group or company.

- Joe Desch, OneTouchPoint


Asian broccoli sautee

Need a tasty, colorful side dish?  Look no further!  Broccoli slaw, made of shredded broccoli stalks, red cabbage and carrots, contain loads of vitamin C, beta-carotene and folate- nutrients that help protect your heart.  This simple dish can stand alone or be...

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Layered hummus dip

Need a beautiful appetizer for your next holiday party? You’ll be invited back if you bring this dip!  This colorful appetizer is not only tasty, but also healthy.  A good source of protein and fiber, hummus is versatile and vegetarian-friendly.  Chopped tomatoes,...

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Cinnamon- an adjunct to obesity treatment?

Is the answer to weight loss just a spice away?  Perhaps!  A new study performed by Chinese and US researchers finds that cinnamaldehyde, the substance in cinnamon that provides its taste and smell, promotes thermogenesis (heat production) in fat-derived human stem...

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Italian sausage, peppers & pasta

In an effort to reduce food waste, I created this simple recipe using leftover turkey sausage we had cooked one weekend.  The fiber content gets a boost with whole wheat pasta and nearly any vegetable can be added in (read something green like spinach)!  It’s an...

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Roasted Carrots with Thyme

Do you have the thyme?  If not, you should!  Dried thyme is one of those versatile herbs everyone should have in their pantry.  It makes your dishes more aromatic, without being a flavor bully.  Carrots are an excellent source of beta-carotene and a good source of...

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A Primer on Protein

I have to give my husband credit for this post.  He's been doing an intense exercise program for the past 6 months and complained that he's "not getting any stronger" and wondered about how much protein he should be eating.  Good question, I said! Protein is one of...

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Fighting hunger, one can at a time

Click on the link to see my project grant with People's Liberty:   As a dietitian, I am profoundly passionate about issues surrounding food insecurity- the inability to have regular access to safe,...

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Breakfast quinoa with cinnamon and ginger

Now that it's cool outside, you can kick the cold cereal to the curb.  If you're tired of oatmeal, given quinoa for breakfast a try? I tend to have a lot of quinoa on hand from previous cooking demos.  It’s a favorite grain for me because of its versatility and strong...

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Buy the bird

While experts argue whether goat or pork is the most consumed meat in the world, chicken seems to be pretty popular when you look at statistics from the Food and Agricultural Organization of the United Nations.1   We’ve got restaurants that are solely based on sales...

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Hot Cereal on Cold Days

As temperatures dip a little faster than we'd like, it's hard to get excited about cold cereal for breakfast. Why not try a bowl of hot cereal that will warm you from the inside out? There's so many to choose from oatmeal (regular & instant), cream of wheat, grits,...

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Engineered proteins and body weight

Part of my job as a dietitian is to dig into the latest research on what works and what doesn't for various diseases.  Our curiosity for science is what makes most RDs, neRDs.  Below is an interesting article on engineered proteins and their possible use in the fight...

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