As a small business owner, seeing clients face to face in an office or going on-site to do programs, most of my work has come to a screeching halt with COVID-19. It feels weird to me to be home so much. I miss seeing clients and helping them navigate their health issues through better nutrition.

But- in this age of technology, I am nervous but excited to be able to continue nutrition counseling or coaching online through various HIPPA compliant software. You’ve likely heard the term “virtual visits” or telehealth. The same is true for dietitians. We are able to teach, coach and counsel you online. Handouts and documents like recipes and articles can be sent through email (or snail mail if desired). Accountability may help during these times of stress.

If you’re interested in meeting virtually or just talking over your health and nutrition issue on the phone, send me a message and lettuce set up an appt. lisa@soundbitesnutrition.com Payment accepted through Square, PayPal, Flex spending/health savings account and Venmo

Stay healthy friends!


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