Some people are really crafty. They can take pipe cleaners and make them into dolls. Or sew pillow cases or paint beautiful pictures. I’m not one of these people. My craft is verbal. Words are my medium. I love games at baby showers where you have to come up with as many words as possible using the future baby’s name. It’s no wonder I started a line of food pun T shirts. With all the wacky fad diets out there, I honestly want people to take food a wee bit less seriously. My Ts are meant to start a conversation. Whether that is about food or life, it doesn’t matter. I just want people to smile when they see them.

I am lucky to be married to one of those crafty people. My husband Ryan bakes bread, paints pictures and has a talent for graphic design to boot. Near Valentine’s Day, I asked him for an “Olive you” T design and he made it.

I’ve been racking my brain for a pun with avocados. With fall and Halloween around the corner, we made “Happy Guactober”. The shirt just makes me giggle when I see it! I made it long sleeved, but am able to order short-sleeved shirts if desired through print on demand. This design is not yet available on my web site.

Now through Aug 31, I’ll be taking pre-orders for Happy Guactober Ts. Once I have at least 10 orders, the shirts will be printed and ready for distribution by mid September. They are locally printed at DIY in Walnut Hills at Essex Studios. If interested, please email me your size and send payment via to for $30. There’s lots more styles, sizes and colors on my shop page:

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