It’s nearly National Nutrition Month!

National Nutrition Month happens every March. It’s the month that food and health professional geek out about fruits, veggies and all things food and health. Recipes, research, retail. It’s great to see our profession recognized in the science field along with nurses and other healthcare professionals.

What we do

Dietitians and NDTRS (dietetic technicians) are not just in clinical settings. We work in food service, hospitality, community nutrition, education, long term care, research, retail and consulting. It’s great to have so many ways to share our nutrition knowledge and expertise with the public.

RDN VS Nutritionist?

I’ve been asked many times if a registered dietitian is the same as a nutritionist. Yes and No. A registered dietitian has a minimum of a 4-year degree, has completed a comprehensive, accredited, dietetic internship and has passed a rigorous credentialing exam. In addition, we maintain 75 hours of continuing education every 5 years in the field. We may also go by the name nutritionist. We must be licensed (in most states) to practice MNT (Medical Nutrition Therapy)- which is the ability to counsel people on medical conditions like thyroid disease, diabetes, gut health and the like.

A nutritionist does not necessarily have a degree in nutrition and may or may not be an RD. It could be someone that’s done an online credential in health coaching or someone that works in a smoothie shop. They may have a degree in nutrition but hasn’t completed all the steps to becoming a registered dietitian. A personal trainer may call themselves “nutritionist” but in all honestly, should NOT be dishing out nutrition advice, especially when it comes to medical conditions.

When in doubt, look for the credential RD or RDN after a person’s name if you’re seeking nutrition counseling for a medical condition. A person that states they’re an expert in pregnancy because they’ve been pregnant is not the same as someone who has worked with thousands of women providing nutrition counseling.

Celebrating National Nutrition Month (NNM)

One way to celebrate NNM is to wear fun nutrition clothes! Years ago, I worked for a community agency called the Nutrition Council. We participated in the St. Patrick’s Day parade wearing apple, banana and tomato costumes. As the parade has been on hold with the pandemic, those days are long gone.

However- you can still dress in fund foodie clothes for the month of March (and beyond)! Now’s the ‘thyme’ to get your tees, totes, mugs and more for yourself or colleagues for National Nutrition Month. These make great gifts for interns, students, colleagues or for yourself!

Now through Monday, Feb 7, use code NNM22 and take 22% off all food pun swag. Got a pregnant co-worker? I’ve got your covered with adorable onesies. Need a one-size fits all? Go for a coffee mug or tote. No sizing whisk involved!

Whatever you ‘chews’, part of the proceeds will go towards programs that support food insecurity. It’s my way of giving back to my community. Everyone deserves to eat well throughout the year. Help me with this effort during National Nutrition month!


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