In the cold, gray days of winter, I daydream of warm evenings on my back deck with a cool drink. I’m particularly fond of anything with notes of citrus and have developed a taste for Moscow mules because I also love the kick of ginger. Thankfully, I don’t have to wait til summer to use my new Moscow Muled mugs! I received these from the company in Canada and think they are perfect for all types of drinks.

These handcrafted mugs are great for hot AND cold beverages. The interior of the mugs is different than traditional copper mugs because they’re lined with nickel as copper reacts with acids. The handles are welded instead of riveted, making the mugs airtight and leak proof. The mugs can be used for beer, fancy cocktails, kombucha, iced tea or seltzer water. With a 16 oz. capacity, they’ll hold plenty of ice in addition to your favorite drink.

The insulated linked makes them also great for hot beverages like hot cocoa, mulled cider, herbal tea or your favorite coffee beverage. The Moscow Muled mugs are not only functional, but beautiful. They will develop a natural patina over time which can be easily cleaned with a little salt and lemon. Let the salt dissolve and lightly rub it on the mug’s surface. The patina will be naturally removed with the lemon and salt mixture. Rinse with water and dry well after cleaning.

Here is a traditional Moscow Mule Recipe:


1 ½ oz. premium vodka

½ oz. fresh lime juice

½ cup ginger beer

Ice cubes

Lime wedge for garnish


Pour vodka and lime juice into a Moscow Muled copper mug

Add ice and ginger beer and stir to combine.

Garnish and serve with lime wedges.

The copper mugs are not only functional, but beautiful. #free #samples #coppermugs #copper #mugs

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