Let’s face it.  Mexican food is becoming more popular because It. Is. Delicious!  But the basket of chips and salsa you’ve just inhaled has over 1000 calories and that 10 oz. margarita you’re sipping has over 500.  Sadly you’ve consumed that much before your fajitas even hit the table!


The good news is you can make your meal (and weight) a little lighter with a few simple swaps.  Whether you’re eating at a popular “build your own burrito” type restaurant (you know who you are…) or making Mexican at home, follow the tips below for lighter Mexican fare.  Ole!


  1. Corn tortilla or wheat?  When eating Mexican, go for 6” corn tortillas. The ingredient list is short and 2 tortillas have only 130 calories, 50 grams of sodium and 2 grams of fiber. A large flour tortilla can add an extra 200 calories to your plate.


  1. Beans or rice? Beans!  Black or pinto beans are loaded with appetite-squelching fiber and protein, so they fill you up between meals.  Beans also help manage blood sugar and lower cholesterol.  Rice is nice, so opt for brown rice when you can.


  1. Salsa or Cheese? Salsa!  Salsa is not just a condiment.  It’s a vegetable!  At just 25 calories per tablespoon, you’ll get a decent dose of vitamin C, potassium and lycopene, a nutrient found to reduce prostate and ovarian cancer.  If you must have cheese, go light.


  1. Guacamole vs Sour Cream? While guacamole is calorie dense, it’s an excellent source of heart-healthy potassium and mono-unsaturated fat.  Sour cream = fat and fat only.


  1. Wrap or bowl? Bowl please.  Load your bowl with lots of lettuce, peppers, tomatoes, salsa and beans and go easy on the beef, chicken and cheese.  You’d be surprised at how filling all those vegetables can be.  You won’t even miss the rice or wrap.

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