As temperatures dip a little faster than we’d like, it’s hard to get excited about cold cereal for breakfast. Why not try a bowl of hot cereal that will warm you from the inside out? There’s so many to choose from oatmeal (regular & instant), cream of wheat, grits, rice, etc, but are all hot cereals created equal?

Heart healthy oatmeal can help to lower cholesterol and manage blood pressure. Its whole grain goodness can also help to manage blood sugars. A serving of oatmeal made from old-fashioned or quick-cooking oats provides 4 grams of fiber (2 grams of heart-healthy soluble fiber), 5 grams of protein and 2 grams of unsaturated (good) fat without any sodium and almost no sugar. This low calorie, whole grain cereal will get you to lunch without cravings or hunger pangs. It’s also a great buy at less than 16 cents a serving!

In a hurry at breakfast, perhaps you are tempted to use instant oatmeal. Stop, look and read the label. Instant doesn’t mean it’s bad for you, but you need to check for added fat, salt, sugar, flavorings and colorings. Also be aware that convenience will cost you more than twice the price of regular oats. You might want to make your own ‘instant’ oatmeal by cooking enough for the week and reheating a cup each day. You will have the convenience of instant for the price of regular.

While any cereal (hot or cold) is better for you than skipping breakfast, oatmeal will give you more of what your body needs. Make it with low fat milk, add a 1/4 cup dried fruit or chopped nuts and you will get every day started on a good note!


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