Group Nutrition Lectures & Cooking Demos

Group Lectures and Cooking Demos

If you’re looking for an experienced speaker to provide the latest in nutrition with a side of humor, you’ve found the right person.  

Lisa uses her 25+ years of clinical experience and science-based knowledge to provide you easy to understand information on topics like diabetes, heart disease, weight management and cancer prevention.  She can tailor lectures to fit your groups’ needs and won’t “sugar coat” her recommendations or try to sell you supplements or protein powder.  Most lectures are 45 minutes in length with 15 minutes of Q&A.  Contact for pricing.

Lisa shares her love of food and cooking through fun, fact-filled cooking demos.  Food samples, handouts, and paper supplies are provided for up to 30 people.  Cost may vary depending on travel and food provided.

Group Nutrition Lectures & Cooking Demos

Let Lisa improve the health and well-being of your staff!

Individual Diet Counseling

Individual Diet Counseling

Let a Registered Dietitian give you the tools to make the right food choices.

Brand Spokesperson and Media Rep

Lisa combines her health and nutrition knowledge with key product messages to help improve sales and increase product loyalty.


Got something to say? Let food speak for you!

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