I admit it- I love grocery shopping. But with social distancing and my underlying autoimmune disease (rheumatoid arthritis), I have been heeding the advice to stay home. The last thing I want is to get sick or bring a virus home.

I may be a geek, but as a nutrition professional, grocery shopping was a regularly enjoyed outing. I like perusing the aisles for new items, reading food labels, and thinking up meal ideas with what I’ve purchased. I am the neRD that picks up the strawberries and smells them. The cashiers recognize me and I miss seeing them. Shopping is just part of the dietitian DNA.

Do I want to face long lines outside the store with strangers and neighbors in masked faces? Not really. For me, it’s just not worth going physically to the store right now.

So- like others, I am new to online grocery shopping. I had only used Kroger’s click list once this past fall, so had to be reacquainted with the process to get food for my family. Several stores offer either click list or grocery delivery. I have used Kroger and Aldi for groceries. Here are a few subtle differences.

Click list-

  1. Easy to navigate and search for items.
  2. You are really lucky (like lottery winner lucky) if toilet paper is available. We snagged 2 (6 packs).
  3. Unclear how to use coupons
  4. Prices are as is in the store (from what I can tell)
  5. Can’t pick your own produce (obviously)
  6. Substitutions when needed are texted, but had trouble adjusting order on web site.
  7. Pick up days are getting farther apart- order farther in advance than usual.
  8. Greeter at pick up friendly, but did have to wait about 20 minutes for order
  9. Free pick up service with first 3 orders, $4.95 afterwards.
  10. Kroger offers delivery, but fee is higher.


  1. Easy to navigate and search for items.
  2. Toilet paper ordered, but none available on delivery day. Not surprised!
  3. Have never used coupons for Aldi, so unclear if taken.
  4. Prices online are MORE than what you are charged. I was pleasantly surprised my bill was lower.
  5. Substitutes are provided the day of (not before like Kroger).
  6. Groceries are delivered. Fee is $3.99 for service and 5% tip for driver.
  7. Driver friendly and wore a mask. Kept social distance.

I think you’ll be happy with either method of shopping. If you need to get out of the house, click list will at least give you the “excitement” of driving to the store! But if you prefer to stay home in your jammies and have the food come to you, Instacart is a great alternative and cheaper. Sam’s, Cosco, CVS and Aldi utilize Instacart. Meijer, Target and Walmart use “shipt” for delivery, which is similar to Instacart.

I look forward to returning to the store when this pandemic is ‘done’. I do wonder what the new normal will look like. But for now, online shopping is saving us all in more ways than one.

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