I was all set to attend FNCE, the annual Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics Food, Nutrition Conference & Expo since it was being held in Indianapolis this year. I was so eggcited to be part of the RD Market Place to sell my food pun swag.

Who could have predicted a global pandemic would pivot the whole thing to a virtual meeting? Sigh…

But since I won’t be there in person (or virtual this year), I still want my colleagues to be sporting my food pun tees or tanks. When you’re in a virtual meeting, it’s the tops that count!

Now til the end of September, use coupon code FNCE 2020 and take 20% off all food pun swag including tees, tanks, mugs and new food pun masks!

Here’s the catch- you don’t have to be a dietitian to wear them. If you enjoy food and puns, I’ve got you covered. We all eat, right?

Let food speak for you! Be kaleful. Avo nice day! Peas romaine seeded and more. How can you resist? Can’t.

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