If you didn’t receive any fun tees for the holidays, now is the “thyme” to treat yoself! Sound Bites tees, totes and other swag start a conversation about food without being offensive. You won’t see “eat healthy sh*& on my tees or calm the F down. Just original, positive, creative, slightly cerebral stuff like Pearfecto! and Oh. My. Gouda. 

Wear and care when you purchase a Sound Bites item. 10% of sales go towards ending food insecurity and teaching people how to cook in Cincinnati. Last year, I donated $500 towards Cooking for the Family, Our Daily Bread, CAIN and the Free Store Food Bank. This is a passion project and labor of love for me. I always feel happy when I’m wearing a food pun tee.

Sale includes all designs online or any in inventory currently including Be Kaleful (women’s purple), Don’t despear, Praise Cheeses, This. Is. The. Wurst. and more!

Use NY20 at checkout til Jan 6th. Peas n tanks!


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