Moscow Muled Copper Mugs review

Moscow Muled Copper Mugs review

In the cold, gray days of winter, I daydream of warm evenings on my back deck with a cool drink. I’m particularly fond of anything with notes of citrus and have developed a taste for Moscow mules because I also love the kick of ginger. Thankfully, I don’t have to wait til summer to use my new Moscow Muled mugs! I received these from the company in Canada and think they are perfect for all types of drinks.

These handcrafted mugs are great for hot AND cold beverages. The interior of the mugs is different than traditional copper mugs because they’re lined with nickel as copper reacts with acids. The handles are welded instead of riveted, making the mugs airtight and leak proof. The mugs can be used for beer, fancy cocktails, kombucha, iced tea or seltzer water. With a 16 oz. capacity, they’ll hold plenty of ice in addition to your favorite drink.

The insulated linked makes them also great for hot beverages like hot cocoa, mulled cider, herbal tea or your favorite coffee beverage. The Moscow Muled mugs are not only functional, but beautiful. They will develop a natural patina over time which can be easily cleaned with a little salt and lemon. Let the salt dissolve and lightly rub it on the mug’s surface. The patina will be naturally removed with the lemon and salt mixture. Rinse with water and dry well after cleaning.

Here is a traditional Moscow Mule Recipe:


1 ½ oz. premium vodka

½ oz. fresh lime juice

½ cup ginger beer

Ice cubes

Lime wedge for garnish


Pour vodka and lime juice into a Moscow Muled copper mug

Add ice and ginger beer and stir to combine.

Garnish and serve with lime wedges.

The copper mugs are not only functional, but beautiful. #free #samples #coppermugs #copper #mugs

Sound Bites swag sale now through 2-28!

Sound Bites swag sale now through 2-28!

Need a fun gift idea for a friend, co-worker or family member? Sound Bites food pun swag is for you! These tees, tanks, totes and mugs were designed to start a conversation around food. We all eat, so lettuce taco bout it! https://soundbitesnutrition.com/shop-2

Most items are print on demand, so you can choose the color, size, style and design that you like. With the help of many talented people, there are now 15 designs to choose from. Women’s tees may run a bit small, but unisex tees run true to size and are just as cute! If you need a great gift for a friend that’s expecting, check out my cute food onesies. Be kaleful, Pearfecto! and Olive you! are quite popular for babies. Use code Heart20 @ checkout for the discount

Finally, stay tuned for my re-brand and give-back program happening this spring with the help of Madly Creative. https://www.madlycreativegroup.com/ 

20% off all food pun swag!

20% off all food pun swag!

Does your tee shirt wardrobe need an upgrade? Do you want to start more conversations at the weekend markets with a hip tote? Look no further!

Now through Friday, Jan 11, take 20% off all tees, totes, tanks, mugs and more when you use code PUN20 at check out. I began making tee shirts to lighten up the mood around food. I wanted to make food fun again. My shirts range from cerebral (peas romaine seeded), to silly- (be kaleful). I have 15 designs including puns about dairy, meat, vegetables, fruit, shellfish and avocados.

As the online tees are print on demand, I can make items not listed such as kids’ tees or yoga mats if desired. Send me a note if you’re looking for a different color, style or size. I’m happy to create a tee that suits your needs.

Please read reviews on sizing as some brands run smaller or larger than others. As these are print on demand, they may take up to 2 weeks to ship after your order. If I have the item in inventory, it will ship 3-4 days after your order is placed.

Have fun looking and please share the link! https://soundbitesnutrition.com/shop-2

20% off sale through Jan 1!

20% off sale through Jan 1!

Need a new tote or tee for the New Year? Look no further! Sound Bites tees and other swag were designed to start a conversation around FOOD. A little humor never hurt anyone. Now through midnight Jan 1, use code NY20 at check out and take 20% off your order.

Since beginning this adventure in tee shirts, I’ve made over 12 designs with the help of my designer friends Chris Glass, Karen Pawlicki and husband, Ryan Andrews. If you see a design that you’d like on a kids’ tee shirt, send me a note. I am using a print on demand service and can add the designs to lots of different things.

I continue to have some of the tees in Kennedy Heights arts center gift shop and Jackson Whitaker in Milford on Main Street. I am seeking other venues to sell them, so if you’ve got a gift shop, restaurant, store or know of one that appreciates food humor, send me a note. Thank you Aaron Kent of DIY printing (in East Walnut Hills) for keeping my small inventory in check.

Lettuce taco ’bout school lunch!

Lettuce taco ’bout school lunch!

It’s hard to believe it’s almost mid-August, which means school will be back in session within days. Gone are the lazy days in our home of waking at 9 with breakfast at 10 and lunch at 2. Soon my girls will be eating “lunch” at 10:30 with the rest of Cincinnati Public Schools. We are all ready for more regularity in our schedules.

I’ve been proud to be asked to represent a few great brands this week that go well in your kids’ lunch box. As a dietitian, I will represent brands that I would normally use and align with my philosophy. Is it healthy, tasty, minimally processed? Would I feed it to my family or recommend it to a client? I’m in. That said, this is a #sponsored post.

One of these products is Smithfield Pork. Smithfield marinated fresh pork is convenient, versatile and healthy. It’s an excellent source of protein to provide satiety for your kid’s long day at school. It’s also a good source of iron, a nutrient needed to help with focus and behavior. Smithfield takes the stress out of meal planning. Just pop it in the oven for 30 minutes with some new potatoes and serve with a vegetable and POOF. Dinner is done! I made pork tenderloin and cheddar sliders using golden rotisserie pork on whole wheat buns with honey mustard. You can find Smithfield at Walmart stores. More recipes and ideas here: https://www.smithfieldfoods.com/our-brands

I have also been a fan of KIND snacks for some time. KIND has grown from gluten-free nut-based bars to pressed fruit and breakfast cereal. KIND recently came out with KIND Kids chewy granola bars. These bars come in 3 flavors (honey oat, peanut butter chocolate chip and chocolate chip). In addition to being delicious, the bars contain 25% less sugar than the leading granola bar and 1/2 a serving of whole grains. Whole grains like oats, quinoa and sorghum are gluten-free and provide fiber to keep your son or daughter fuller throughout the day. KIND guarantees your child (or spouse) will love them. It they return in their lunch box, they’ll refund your money! You’ll need proof of purchase from a 6 or 10 pack box from now until 10-31-18. KIND snacks can be found at Kroger and Whole foods. More information can be found here: https://www.kindsnacks.com/

Here are some ideas for your child’s lunch box:

  1. String cheese and whole grain crackers, fruit and raw veggies. Finger foods are quick and nutritious, too.
  2. Hummus, tomatoes and cucumbers rolled in a whole wheat tortilla with yogurt and fruit on the side.
  3. Shredded pork BBQ on a whole wheat bun, apple slices and carrot sticks. You’ll need a thermos for this one.
  4. PB & J on whole wheat bread, celery sticks and grapes.
  5. Leftover chili or soup, 2 Clementines and whole wheat crackers.
  6. Greek yogurt, berries and 1/4 cup KIND granola.
  7. Whole wheat noodles, turkey meatballs, pepper strips and cherries.

Here’s to a happy, healthy school year!  This post is #sponsored #client #ad

Ts, tanks, totes and more

Ts, tanks, totes and more

Maybe Ts aren’t “your bag”? Check out Sound Bites totes!  Final day Aug 3 til midnight. Use code Olive15 at checkout for all Ts, totes, tanks and yes, even adorable onesies. Please allow 2-3 weeks for items to print and ship. Olive your support!

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