I may not be wild about super muggy weather that makes my hair big and frizzy, but I love the season of summer. I love that my girls are not on a super strict schedule and we can be outside more often. I also love that I can wear a different tee shirt every day.

Summer also inspires my creative sense. There is so much beautiful produce to enjoy, and not just for eating. From cherries to zucchini, food is my muse! I love coming up with different food pun tee ideas. They are printed locally by DIY printing in Walnut Hills. https://www.diyprintingshop.com/index.html  Once printed, I spend at least one weekend a month at farmer’s markets and they are also placed in few small gift shops around the city including Jackson Whitacre, https://jacksonwhitacre.com/pages/contact-us Lamppost Cheese, http://lamppostcheese.com/ Kennedy Heights arts gift shop https://kennedyarts.org/ and the Civic Garden Center https://www.civicgardencenter.org/. 

I am also proud to support Cooking for the Family in OTR, a program that helps those suffering food insecurity, learn to cook. https://www.sfsministries.org/our-ministries/cooking-for-the-family/  10% of sales to go this program every quarter. Just $10 sponsors someone to take a 5-week cooking series. How cool is that?

Bada bing is my latest tee! Like the others, it is a soft, unisex gray tee that goes with pretty much anything. If you’re a cherry fan, you must treat yourself to one. https://soundbitesnutrition.com/product/bada-bing-short-sleeve-unisex-t-shirt/

Check out the other designs inspired by summer’s produce. You’re bound to find something you love to eat, and wear. https://soundbitesnutrition.com/shop

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