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Today is a weird day for me. It’s the Feast of the Epiphany, the second anniversary of the insurrection and the 20th anniversary of my dad’s passing. He would have been 94 this April.

Although he’s been gone 20 years, I think of my dad regularly. He taught me to appreciate good food, family time, fun, and friends. As a high school principal, he was very strict with us and demanded good grades. If he said (disappointingly), “You can do better than that”, you knew you were in trouble.

Despite his strict stance on education, one of his best qualities was his sense of humor. He was always cracking a joke or occasionally a prank. My daughters would have loved how silly he was. This is one of my favorite memories of him:

Deja Brew?

I lived at home during college. My parents had five kids and were living on one salary, so we didn’t have a lot of money for college. This is one of the reasons I hate food waste so much. You couldn’t leave a pea on your plate at my house!

I studied nutrition at Youngstown State University and commuted to school. One day I mentioned that I had a big anatomy test that I needed to study for.

My dad suggested I drink coffee in the evening to help me stay up late to study. “Good idea”, I told him. I had never drunk coffee and started drinking it after dinner.

A few days after the test, my dad asked how the test went and if the coffee helped. “Great! I got an A. That coffee really kept me up to study!” His response? “You know, Lisa- we drink decaf”.

Thank you, Dad for my love of coffee!

Word Nerds

My dad and I also shared a love of words. He was a big crossword puzzle fan, and I have been a freelance writer for many years. I wish I could share my food puns with him because many were inspired by my dad. Deja brew, This. Is. The Wurst. Praise Cheeses, Oh. My. Gouda. Bada bing, Pearfecto, etc. I know he’d get a kick out these.

If you’re a word nerd, need a good laugh or want to share one with others, check out Lettuce Beet Hunger Food Pun Shop | Sound Bites Nutrition . Food has always been a central part of my life and I see it as a perfect way to connect people. Part of proceeds goes to programs that fight food insecurity in Cincinnati. Food is meant to be shared.

Use code Flash25 to take 25% off all food pun merch til midnight tonight. RIP Dad. I love you.

Cheese and thanks,



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