If you’re a working parent, you recognize that some weeks, the bottom just falls out. Maybe your kid started a new sport and you’re running him/her to practice right around dinner time. Or you have meetings every other night of the week. This is what happened in our house recently.

I was determined to have dinner ready before I left for a meeting Thursday night. I had rice in the Instant Pot and started a chicken at 4:15 to be cooked by 5:45 when my husband got home from work. I knew a friend was picking me up at 5:30 for a meeting, so I told my 14 year old daughter to “turn off the oven when the timer went off” since I wouldn’t be home.

My husband texted me during my meeting and asked if I was being fed at the meeting or if I’d be eating at home. “Home”, I answered. “Chicken and rice for dinner”.

I got home about 8:15 PM and was famished. He said, “chicken is in the frig, rice is still out”. But when I went to get the baked chicken out, I discovered it wasn’t there. There was some shredded chicken left from 2 days ago. The only reason I baked a whole chicken was that it had been in my frig a few days and needed to be cooked.

I asked, “where’s the chicken I baked”? His answer- “what chicken”? Imagine his surprise when I opened the oven door and there was the dutch oven with dinner I had prepped a few hours before. “UGH”, I exclaimed, clearly exasperated.

Note to self. I need better communication. I should have said, “there is a chicken in the oven that IS FOR DINNER” to my daughter. I should have also told my husband, “I baked a chicken for dinner, it’s in the oven”. Either way, I ate the chicken. It was delicious.

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