There’s a push to eat more “pulses” (read beans, lentils) because they are so damn good for your gut and heart in addition to being convenient and easy on the wallet. Beans are loaded with fiber, especially the soluble type that lowers blood cholesterol, helps manage blood sugar and keeps good gut bacteria thriving. Love them or hate them, this bean trend is not going away any time soon. Know how I know? Chocolate hummus. That’s right. A Shark Tank product called “Delighted by Hummus” is being copied by a few other brands. Boar’s Head (the maker of lunch meat and cheese) was the brand I found at my local Kroger.

I was skeptical at first. I pictured traditional hummus (full of garlic and lemon) being blended with cocoa and/or coconut oil and tasting WEIRD. But with all food, I kept an open mind and decided to try it. Here is the run down:

The hummus contains 80 calories for 2 Tsp. and 4.5 grams of fat, which is 50% of the total calories, but most of the fat is unsaturated (not harmful saturated or trans fat). It’s low in sodium with only 40 mg and provides 10 grams of carbs, 6 of which are sugar (1 1/2 tsp). It contains 3 grams of fiber, which is a nice dose for a “dessert”. It’s not very high in protein, but most people don’t think of protein when they think of dessert.

I would liken the taste to pudding. It was soft, smooth and creamy. It paired well with strawberries, bananas and graham crackers. I could see adding some cashews, pecans or other nuts mixed in to give it some texture.The cost was higher and container smaller than traditional hummus ($3.99 for 8 oz. or 2 for $7.00 with a Kroger card).

Would I buy it again? Maybe. It would make a nice substitute for chocolate pudding if that’s your thing. But like any other dessert, moderation is key. Eat the whole thing and you’ve consumed over 600 calories in hummus. My next move? Stay tuned while I attempt to make the stuff myself!

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