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As a dietitian, I am profoundly passionate about issues surrounding food insecurity- the inability to have regular access to safe, nutritious food.  Although I didn’t grow up impoverished, per se, my parents were products of the Depression Era, and with 4 siblings, we didn’t waste a thing.  I witnessed the result of food insecurity when I worked at the VA Medical Center, in Guatemala where my second daughter was born and in Cincinnati at my girls’ school.  Many don’t know that Cincinnati ranks SECOND in the US for childhood poverty.  And poverty is the main cause of malnutrition.

Malnutrition not only stunts growth, but also affects learning and the ability to earn a good living for years to come.  Children who are malnourished are less prepared to enter the workforce and earn less money than their nourished peers.  It is an issue that affects developed nations and neighbors in our own backyards.

About a year ago on the eve of my 50th birthday, I was honored to receive a People’s Liberty Grant for $10,000 to install 10 mini food pantries in low income/food desert neighborhoods around the city. Taking on a project like this was no easy feat!  But I am so excited and proud of the work I did with a small team and the help of People’s Liberty.

If you see an old Enquirer box decorated like R2D2 on Colerain Ave, you have seen my work in progress.  The other pantry locations can be found here:

Here’s how you can help:

  1. Donate to the Free Store Food Bank.  Their dollars fund several projects throughout the city and they have better buying power.
  2. Participate in food drives at work, church or school.  Your donations help those in need.
  3. Ask your dentist or Gyn office for donations for toiletries.  These items cannot be obtained on food stamps and are desperately needed by families.
  4. Keep some canned goods in your car to stock our pantries. Canned beans, tuna, peanut butter, fruits, vegetables, soup or extra toiletries are always needed.  Donate things you, yourself would eat or use.  Love your neighbor as yourself.
  5. Don’t waste food!  Buy what you need and eat it. If you have perishable food to donate, check out: 

For more information on People’s Liberty: 

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