As a mom of two girls growing up in a weight-obsessed society, I can’t tell you how nervous I am of them developing eating disorders.  Whether we notice or not, our kids are taking notice of our self talk and food choices.  They overhear us say, “Ugh, my pants are too tight”, or “time to get on a diet”.  The last thing they need, is for us to food shame them when they make a less-than-healthy choice for a snack or when packing their lunch.  If you didn’t want them to eat something, why is it in your pantry to begin with?  FOOD IS FOR EATING!  My philosophy is that any food can be part of a healthy diet.  Our food should not be punishment or used for reward.  The more food shaming we do, the more likely our kids are to sneak food, feel guilty about food and potentially develop eating disorders.


The article below is a great reminder of why we need to just shut up when it comes to our kids’ food habits.  Like mom used to say, “If you don’t have anything nice to say, don’t say anything at all”.

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