We’ve all heard that breakfast is the most important meal of the day.  But sadly, it’s the meal most often skipped!


One of THE most important things to remember is hydration.  While it’s easy to grab coffee or tea, don’t forget to hydrate in the morning.  Drink 2 cups of water as soon as you get up to prevent headaches and overeating later.  Keep a water bottle in your car, at your desk and at home if this helps you drink more water. To keep you fuller, longer, include start with high protein & high fiber foods at meals.


Below are some foods to keep on hand that you can grab and run when you’re crunched for time.


Protein sources                                                      High Fiber foods

Hard boiled eggs                                                     Whole wheat bread or English muffins

Peanut or almond butter                                       Oatmeal

Cottage cheese                                                        Shredded wheat or bran cereal

String cheese                                                           Whole wheat tortillas

Soy nuts                                                                    Whole grain crackers- Triscuits, All bran

Almonds or other nuts                                            Mini whole wheat bagels

Beef or turkey jerky                                                 Whole wheat pita bread

Black or other beans

Tuna or egg salad


Produce                                                        Veggies

Fresh fruit                                                      Carrots

Apples                                                            Celery sticks

Bananas                                                        Cherry tomatoes

Berries                                                           Cucumbers

Citrus fruit                                                      Mushrooms

Grape                                                             Pepper strips

Kiwi                                                                Snow pea pods or sugar snap peas





Quick ideas:

  • Peanut or almond butter sandwich on whole wheat with a piece of fruit
  • String cheese and whole grain crackers with a piece of fruit
  • Hard boiled egg, whole grain crackers, handful of veggies
  • Oatmeal with chopped nuts and dried fruit
  • Cottage cheese and fruit
  • Trail mix- shredded wheat, nuts, raisins
  • Bowl of low sugar cereal (< 5 grams) and fresh fruit

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