Happy Mother’s Day!

My mom raised 5 kids. FIVE. I can’t even fathom this. But my mom never skimped on meals.  She spoiled us with home cooked meals daily. I am blessed to have 2 awesome daughters that may be mothers one day themselves.  In honor of Mother’s day, I’d like to give you a few pieces of food advice my mom passed on to me.


  1.  You are not starving.  Yes, you may be hungry, but there are people in the world that are literally starving.
  2. Don’t waste food.  Take only what you can eat and leave the rest on the table, at the buffet or in the frig.
  3. Check the eggs before you buy them.  Open the carton and take a peak.  No one wants broken eggs.
  4. Make your own sauce.  It’s not that hard or time consuming.  All you need is tomato sauce, paste, garlic, oregano, basil, salt and a little confidence.
  5. Be creative with leftovers.  Leftover chicken becomes soup, tacos, chicken with pesto, chicken salad or chicken pot pie.
  6. Beans stretch everything.  Not enough meat in your soup or chili?  Add beans.
  7. Freeze soup, sauce, rice or chili so you don’t have to eat them over and over.  Freeze in glass, not plastic.  It’s better to reheat in glass.
  8. You have a coupon for something you’ll never eat.  Don’t waste your money.  Pass the coupon on.
  9. Buy seasonal produce– it’s cheaper and tastes better.
  10. Taste everything before you salt it.  It may not even need salt!

What did you mom teach you? Please share!

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