I haven’t met one client that hasn’t been on a “diet’ at one time in their life. Adkins, Paleo, Weight Watchers, Whole 30, Jenny Craig, you name it.  I mean, they’re coming to see me to put them on a diet.  In reality, what should be worked on, is their attitude towards food.  It’s human nature to label foods good and bad- even health professionals do this.  What about working on how you feel about yourself, your health and what makes sense for you?  I find that many clients fall prey to the endless cycle of diet, cheat, repent, repeat.

I ran across this article today and while it’s focused on a bride-to-be’s experience on a low carb diet, the quote hit home, “Dieting is “an abusive relationship that we all need to end once and for all.”  Eating should not be punishment.  To me, this is no way to live. Getting healthy is a journey, not a race.  Change takes time. What is the hurry? Here’s a great perspective:


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