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Lisa Andrews is Nutrigirl!

I’ve paired my love of food, science and people by becoming a Registered Dietitian. My nickname Nutrigirl started about 20 years ago when I needed an email account. Having a painfully long, Italian last name didn’t lend well to an email address, and so Nutrigirl was born. I’d be lying if I said I am “mild mannered”. Outgoing by nature, my friends and clients know I’m not going to sugar coat my nutrition advice. With so much food and health information out there (good and bad), Nutrigirl is your nutrition hero. I’m here to provide sound, nutrition advice, while making sure you are enjoying your food! When I like a health article, recipe or nutrition-related advice, I will stamp it #Nutrigirlapproved.


We knew after adopting Snickers in July, 2014 that she was no ordinary kitty. She is a tortoise cat and has “tortitude”. Snickers is a true foody and always in the kitchen at meal time. Despite her candy bar name, Snickers literally reaches for kale, spinach and broccoli when we’re prepping it. Snickers likes a challenge and will seek hydration from the sink, toilet or your water glass. If she likes what you’re making (or eating), she’ll give you the “high paw” and you know your recipe is #Snickersapproved.

My meals on wheels

Truth be told, I don't think I sat in a normal dining area once this week for lunch.  Having multiple meetings and consults during the week forced me to eat in my car  A LOT. Below are a few things I prepped ahead of time before scrambling out the door: Turkey and...

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Will you love ALOVE yogurt?

Move over Greek yogurt, there’s a new kid in town and it’s not the Icelandic variety.  The Expo West food trade show in Anaheim California will be graced with the new yogurt’s debut.  The yogurt is from Japan’s dairy industry Morinaga.  Although the Japanese style...

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Happy National Nutrition Month!

It's National Nutrition Month!  Where neRDs like me get to celebrate food and teach ways to eat healthier every day. This year's theme is "put your best fork forward".  Below are some simple tips to do just that.   Keep frozen berries on hand: Frozen berries are...

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Soup Swap! Italian Wedding Soup

Part of the beauty of being a grantee through People's Liberty is the great meeting opportunities it provides.  Kate Zaidan is a young woman in my 8 member class that shares my love for cooking, teaching and connecting people.  She took over her dad's store, Dean's...

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Housing means food security

Today I met a true hero: a woman that works for Habitat for Humanity who shared her own story of poverty, and how ironic it is that she's now working to build affordable housing. She is the second person to recommend the book Evicted by Matthew Desmond.  The book...

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Eat to the beat!

  It’s Valentine’s Day and February is heart health month, so let’s eat to the beat!  The following are foods to include this season to keep your ticker, ticking: Avocados- fat is the new black, especially heart-healthy, mono-unsaturated fat. Add some avocado chunks...

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Affirmations of a chronic dieter

About 8 weeks ago, I met with a woman that had struggled with her weight her entire life.  She'd been a chunky child, a heavy college student and now, an obese adult.  She'd always felt bad about her weight.  It was tied to her self-esteem and self worth.  If she...

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Pesto pasta with chicken and broccoli

I hate to waste food.  Pasta is no exception.  I made this recipe on a whim with leftover chicken and cooked penne.   I keep jarred pesto on hand because of its convenience and delicious taste.  It's made with olive oil and garlic, so you can't go wrong here!  If you...

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Kale salad with coconut ginger dressing

Be kaleful!  Kale is in season and it’s time to embrace the leafy green.  This nutritional powerhouse is loaded with vitamin C, beta-carotene, potassium and vitamin K, nutrients needed to fight cancer, high blood pressure and protect your immune system.  You may ask...

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50 is nifty!

Truth be told, I had a significant birthday this year.  But after so many deaths of some of my favorite artists (read David Bowie, Prince, George Michael), I am so grateful to have another year above ground. Below are some simple tips for women hitting the milestone...

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Cumin behavior

If there’s one spice I never like to run out of, it’s cumin.  It’s one of the least expensive, but most versatile spices around.  Cumin is an herb that originated from Iran and the Mediterranean and comes from the umbelliferae family.  Say that one five times fast! ...

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Go with your gut

Here’s a great fun fact to share at your next friendly gathering: 60% of your body’s immune cells reside in your intestines.  And while washing your hands is still one of the best ways to prevent the spread of disease, researchers are focusing more and more attention...

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