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I’ve paired my love of food, science and people by becoming a Registered Dietitian. My nickname Nutrigirl started about 20 years ago when I needed an email account. Having a painfully long, Italian last name didn’t lend well to an email address, and so Nutrigirl was born. I’d be lying if I said I am “mild mannered”. Outgoing by nature, my friends and clients know I’m not going to sugar coat my nutrition advice. With so much food and health information out there (good and bad), Nutrigirl is your nutrition hero. I’m here to provide sound, nutrition advice, while making sure you are enjoying your food! When I like a health article, recipe or nutrition-related advice, I will stamp it #Nutrigirlapproved.


We knew after adopting Snickers in July, 2014 that she was no ordinary kitty. She is a tortoise cat and has “tortitude”. Snickers is a true foody and always in the kitchen at meal time. Despite her candy bar name, Snickers literally reaches for kale, spinach and broccoli when we’re prepping it. Snickers likes a challenge and will seek hydration from the sink, toilet or your water glass. If she likes what you’re making (or eating), she’ll give you the “high paw” and you know your recipe is #Snickersapproved.

Maundy Agape Dinner

Nothing beats a church pot luck!  We joined a new church about 3 years ago and are clearly in our element.  My husband is on the bread guild, which bakes bread for Sunday services.  I am part of "Main Dish" and the "goodie guild" to provide meals and treats to the...

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Super Simple Salmon

In an effort to eat more salmon, I decided to take it to the grill. Salmon is a great source of omega-3-fatty acids, which are not only good for your heart, but also your noggin.  Eating just 2 servings of fish per week may ward off dementia.  Below is a great recipe...

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Chicken in a pita

Now that spring has sprung, it's time to fire up the grill. I like to cook a little extra chicken or fish to "recycle" into another recipe to save time during the week.  Below is a recipe I came up with using leftover chicken. Ingredients: 2 cups cooked chicken cut...

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Dietitians get diabetes, too

Sometimes, the universe is telling you something.  Yesterday was one of those days.  I'd asked Fox 19 if I could do a segment on minority health in April.  They replied, "how about something on diabetes prevention"?  Sure, I said.  Having 2 parents with diabetes and...

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Asian broccoli slaw

I’m sure everyone has tried some version of this delicious slaw at a block party or potluck. Every time I have it, I think, “I have got to get that recipe!”.  One day, I decided to just wing it. This recipe is not only pretty to look at it (remember, you eat with your...

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3 food fads to ignore

Think that juicing all your food or following a gluten free diet will cure all that ails you?  Or that coconut oil is the new avocado?  Think again.  While food fads come and go, the science behind them is not always that convincing.  A new review of scientific...

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The virtues of frozen veggies

When it comes to produce, you can never go wrong with more veggies.  Rich in potassium, beta-carotene, fiber, vitamin C and phytochemicals, vegetable intake is linked with lower rates of heart disease and certain cancers and may also help with “waist control” given...

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5 Hangover Cures!

If you had one too many Irish whiskeys, green beers or glasses of Merlot last night, this post is for you!  Did you know that dark liquor or heavier beer (read Guinness) can give you a worse hangover than lighter alcohol?  Or that drinking when dehydrated or on an...

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My meals on wheels

Truth be told, I don't think I sat in a normal dining area once this week for lunch.  Having multiple meetings and consults during the week forced me to eat in my car  A LOT. Below are a few things I prepped ahead of time before scrambling out the door: Turkey and...

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Will you love ALOVE yogurt?

Move over Greek yogurt, there’s a new kid in town and it’s not the Icelandic variety.  The Expo West food trade show in Anaheim California will be graced with the new yogurt’s debut.  The yogurt is from Japan’s dairy industry Morinaga.  Although the Japanese style...

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Happy National Nutrition Month!

It's National Nutrition Month!  Where neRDs like me get to celebrate food and teach ways to eat healthier every day. This year's theme is "put your best fork forward".  Below are some simple tips to do just that.   Keep frozen berries on hand: Frozen berries are...

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Soup Swap! Italian Wedding Soup

Part of the beauty of being a grantee through People's Liberty is the great meeting opportunities it provides.  Kate Zaidan is a young woman in my 8 member class that shares my love for cooking, teaching and connecting people.  She took over her dad's store, Dean's...

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