Group Nutrition Lectures

Group nutrition lectures are available at your worksite, fitness center or other venue.

Whether it’s a one time lecture, A Q and A at an employee health fair, or an ongoing nutrition program, Sound Bites Nutrition can tailor lectures to fit your groups’ needs.

A healthy employee saves your company money by reducing health insurance costs while increasing productivity.  Let Lisa improve the health and well-being of your staff!

Empower Lunch: Grab your lunch and let me “empower” you to make better food choices at every meal. Choose a topic or let me bring the latest nutrition news to you!

Cooking Demos:  Provide your employees or other group with a fun, fact-filled cooking demo.  Food samples, handouts and paper supplies provided for up to 30 people.  Cost may vary depending on travel, number of samples provided, etc.

Blood Pressure Drop: Did you know milk is not only good for your bones – it’s good for your blood pressure? Learn all the latest facts and tips on getting your blood pressure down in this two week class.

Diabetes Management: Many people are diagnosed with diabetes daily. Have a dietitian help you take control of your diabetes and prevent the potential complications.

Cancer Prevention: It’s not just bad genes and cigarettes that cause cancer. Learn what to eat to reduce your risk of this deadly disease.

Healthy, Happy Hearts: Think a low fat diet is your ticket to a healthy ticker? Think again. There’s a lot more to learn about keeping your heart happy.

Health Fairs: Let Lisa improve the health and well-being of your staff! Have your employees ‘ask the dietitian’ at your next health fair.

Nutrition Education or Coaching: Provide your employees with an individual session with a Registered Dietitian to address their personal health concerns.

Group Nutrition Lectures

Let Lisa improve the health and well-being of your staff!

Individual Diet Counseling

Individual Diet Counseling

Let a Registered Dietitian give you the tools to make the right food choices.

Brand Spokesperson and Media Rep

Lisa combines her health and nutrition knowledge with key product messages to help improve sales and increase product loyalty.

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