Grocery Store Tours

Grocery Store Tours

As a dietitian, I am frequently challenged to keep up with the latest food trends and products. But honestly, grocery shopping is something I actually enjoy. And I don’t only shop around the perimeter of the store!

What could be better for your health than a personalized tour of your favorite grocery store? I’ll help you read labels and plan meals while you shop. Grocery store tours areĀ a great option for someone with a new diagnosis of high cholesterol, diabetes, celiac disease, hypertension, food allergy, or for anyone that just wants to eat cleaner. Hit the aisles with me and let me stock your pantry right. Shopping tip handouts included.

Group Nutrition Lectures

Let Lisa improve the health and well-being of your staff!

Grocery Store Tour

Hit the aisles with me and let me stock your pantry right!

Individual Diet Counseling

Individual Diet Counseling

Let a Registered Dietitian give you the tools to make the right food choices.

Brand Spokesperson and Media Rep

Lisa combines her health and nutrition knowledge with key product messages to help improve sales and increase product loyalty.

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