Move over Greek yogurt, there’s a new kid in town and it’s not the Icelandic variety.  The Expo West food trade show in Anaheim California will be graced with the new yogurt’s debut.  The yogurt is from Japan’s dairy industry Morinaga.  Although the Japanese style yogurt has been around since 1994, it will make its entrance into the American market this year.

The Japanese yogurt, branded Alove, is different than the current Greek-style yogurt in a few ways. For one, it’s got a much lighter, thinner texture than its thicker counterpart.  It also has aloe vera cubes suspended in the yogurt.  Forecasters of food trends note that consumers have a new love interest in Japanese style foods, which Whole Foods dubs “Japanese food beyond Sushi”.  In a 12-state survey of over 500 men and women aged 18-59, 80% of yogurt consumers desire a new food experience.  Of 60% of survey respondents, those who consume yogurt often or are most health conscious show interest in purchasing the new style yogurt.

Sale of Morinaga’s Alove yogurt will start in the West coast, considering California and other states have more Chinese, Japanese and Korean grocers.  Morinaga currently sells aseptic tofu in the US and will use its channels to join national conventional grocers in addition to natural and specialty stores. In addition to modifying the package design, the text was translated to English and the picture on the carton simplified to an aloe plant.  And like many brands in the US, the package is simple and clean to attract nutrition savvy consumers.

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