Be Kaleful! Kale Yes!

While visiting Chicago with my little sis recently, we came upon this groovy street fare, complete with vintage art prints, tempered glass jewelry, music and original food. Among the vendors were food ambassadors from Rhythm Superfoods out of Austin, Texas. If you’re not familiar with a food “ambassador”, it is one of those friendly people you may see at a festival or the zoo that gives out product samples. They gave us a free sample pouch of kale chips, which I didn’t try until I returned home.

I know what you’re thinking- kale chips, seriously? But seriously. These chips were surprisingly crunchy and seasoned just right. I tried the original first (they were generous and gave me a ranch pouch, too). The serving size provided 100 calories and 6 grams of fat, which is 40% less fat than potato chips. In addition, the sodium count was pretty low for a bagged snack food, containing a mere 170 mg per serving. Most chips, pretzels or popcorn can be pretty sodium heavy. In addition, each 100 calorie bag of USDA organic kale provides 3 grams of dietary fiber and 4 grams protein. Not too shabby.

That little white pouch in the picture reminds me of the silica pack you’d find in your tennis shoes box to keep out moisture. It is not the same stuff and is safe to be in the bag with the kale.

The roasted kale chips come in multiple flavors including original, roasted garlic and onion, ranch and chili lime. The company also makes beet chips. Beets are the new black my friends!

As to where to buy them, you can find them on or at Check them out if you see them. They are #nutrigirlapproved!

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